Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Post 218: Rib of Beef, cooked as per Tristan Welch Saturday Kitchen

I'm a little tardy in blogging this one, as it's the weekend before last's. I'd thought there were going to be 4 of us for Sunday Dinner; so I had an early trip to the butcher's and bought myself a Rib of Beef. Here's the beauty.

I'd asked the butcher for "One Rib, big as you can", and came home feeling pretty pleased with the lump of meat I'd got.

I then set about having a nice morning in front of Saturday Kitchen. It's not all work, work, work you know. Receiving a phone call to say there would only be 2 for dinner. Then guest Chef Tristan Welch was asked how to cook a Rib of Beef. Oh me, oh me oh my. Not only was I now in possession of a lump of beef big enough for 4, but I'd not been told how to cook it properly!

My excitement levels were pretty high, I can tell you.

Tristan's instructions were:
1) Season the edge
2) Seal the meat in a very hot pan
3) Cook in a low oven for a long time
4) Turn the oven up high for the last 20-30 minutes

This is a recipe so simple even I could follow it....

Here's the seared meat. The photo didn't come out too well, as I think I got a bit of steam on the lense. This searing of the meat managed to make the kitchen smell. I'm not sure that's what happens round Tristan's, but it took a while to get rid of the smoke.

And here's the meat in the end. As you can see, a decent Doctor, might get that one back up and out in the field (I first heard that off Jay Rayner; I knew it would come in).

Now for me, this was maybe a little too pink. But not at all far off the mark. However, the better done bits of meat which Mrs VegBox prefers were as tough as old boots.

The previous time I'd cooked this - Rib of beef cooked at 200c it had given a much better overall result.

You've got to try new things every now and then.... but this one was more faff and a worse result.


  1. Oh I was so excited about this until that last bit. Sorry to hear that it was disappointing. It looks great. I went to the butchers and got a big rib of beef last weekend and I was as excited as you about it. It was a damn fine piece of beef, but I overdid it a little, it was still good though. Then cottage pie last night with the leftover beef and roasted potatoes and parsnips, lovely.

  2. Don't feel too sorry for me, there's only *so* disappointing a massive lump of beef all to myself can get. You've made me fancy a cottage pie, I've not had one in ages.

    Extra don't be sorry for me, I need to blog what I did with the leftover beef - if I may make so bold it was the work of a very hungry genius!


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