Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Post 194: Rib of Beef

I'll start with a photo.  Normally, I like to waffle on a bit first with some sort of introduction. But, I was so excited by this hunk-a-hunk-a buring beef lurve that I'll kick proceedings off with it.

I'd never before tried a rib of beef, but this beauty winked at me in the Butcher's. I thought I'd keep things nice and simple - so, taking my lump of meat, I dusted with salt and pepper and added a tablespoon of pork dripping, just to ensure there was some fat in the tray. Then cooked for 2 hours @ 200c. 'Cor blimey, that's nearly a proper cooking instruction and everything.
This is how it looked when it came out. I should point out, it hadn't shrunk, the big brown plate is a very big brown plate. It's perspective, Father Dougal - or bad bloggerer photo taking.

Anyways two hours had this meat just past pink. Which I thought about ideal. This was the finest lump of beef I'd had in ages, the bits of fat running through it kept it all lushly lovely and soft and moist. And tasty. Very important the tasty bit.

All this was served with (my) standard selection of vegetables from my vegbox, which I was in no mood for fancy-dan messing with:
  • Mash
  • Roast potatoes, carrots and parnsips
  • Cauliflower cheese, with super cheesy sauce
  • Cabbage
  • Yorkshire Puddings
This was the finest Roast dinner I've done in qutie some time. Everything came out exactly as I wanted it go. Rib of Beef is definately to be repeated.


  1. ah Father Dougal! Looks mighty fine that bit of rib.

  2. Hi Kath: I think Feedjit's telling me (it's easy if you don't get that many visitors) you're in Portugal, if you are hope the Cataplana is good and the vino verde is cold.

  3. Oh aye you are right in a way, I am in Madeira, hence the ignoring of my blog and my regular haunts. Having a lovely time enjoying all the delights of Funchal and having a pool and trying to keep two small children below the level of explosion of excitement. Enjoying the Douro and the Espatada.


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