Friday, 9 April 2010

Post 195: Rack of lamb

It was a mighty meaty start to the week. I'd got myself very over-excited in the Butcher's. I don't get to go to this Butcher's very often as it's a bit of a treck. It's the finest I've ever been to, so please forgive the meat frenzy.

Here's my rack of lamb. As per the rib of beef, cooked very simply. 1 rack = 1 hour @ 180c, just with a little slcied garlic, salt and pepper on top.

Served with a not altogether appropriate selection of leftover veggies. Never mind it was all about the meat. One man for one rack of lamb; is a ratio that's a touch excessive, but it was a special treat - and hence it didn't really matter that the veggies didn't go.

Monday's rib of beef was very good. This was possibly even better. I think through the rest of the week, I shall cook some nice pasta with vegetables, in order to prevent myself completely regressing to  caveman meat-eating.

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