Thursday, 1 April 2010

Post 193: The secret to a good omelette

It's all in the presentation.....

This week I got mushrooms again in my VegBox. I'm not sure if the sudden appearance of mushrooms is down to a broadening selection of vegetables my VegBox people grow or that they're buying a few in. Either way, I'm a happy man - I like mushrooms.

Follow the (judged by me) success of mushrooms on toast, I decided to hog the mushies once again. This time, keeping it simple once again, I went for an omelette with mushrooms, cheese and a little ham. I pre-cooked mushrooms. Then mixed the eggs with salt and black pepper, then carefully placed the cheese, mushrooms and ham in the middle of the omelette.

Now, this had become quite a robust Omelette and it was too thick to cook properly in the middle (I'm not a man that likes the middle of an Omelette runny: none of that Saturday Kitchen rubbish for me). So, I thought I'd flip it over on a plate.

 What a roaring success:
- 5 minutes to chop and fry the mushrooms
- 5 minutes to cook
- half an hour to get all the burnt cheese off the cooker ring.

This week's stunning efforts continue!


  1. Oh that has made me giggle! Hope it tasted good anyway.

  2. I find hob-brite very effective for cleaning the cooker top! Reguarly make a mess of mine, managed a pot of hot cooking oil the other night which was not the best of ideas! Still cleaning the last of it off...

    I also made an omelette today for lunch and used the plate method, luckily didn't engage contact with the hob but did manage to break it in half in the process! Cooked through too for me, runny no no no!

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