Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Post 192: Mini Rhubarb and Ginger Crumbles

A nice man offered me some Lazy Ginger via, so obviously I said I'd have some. And deep joy it duly arrived. I've already posted a rhubarb crumble on here, but rhubarb and ginger I thought might be an improvement. It's all a bit masterchef-y, isn't it.
Also I felt that my crumble mix wasn't yet up to the standard of M&S's. Their's has nice slightly chewy lumps in, and I wanted chewy lumps too.
So, here's a story of defeat snatched from the jaws of glory. Here's how I did it: I took the outer stringy red layer off 3 sticks of rhubarb and soaked it with some sugar and one tablespoon of lazy ginger.
Next for the crumble mix. For this:
- 175gs butter
- 150gs demerrera sugar
- 300gs flour (plain)

This mixed into a fairly normal looking crumble mix. I then added some brown sugar, which is very sticky. I then mixed this fairly gently so that there were a few pea sized lumps. My idea being that these would go sticky when cooked.

Then placed into ramekin dishes. And a little vegetable dish, because I didn't have quite enough ramekins. Whoever chooses this one is a fat biffa. Once I've put the crumbles together, I then dusted with the demerrera sugar; trying to get a nice colour on top and hoping for a few caramel-y blobs to form.

And from here into the oven @200c for 20 minutes. I know crumble normally takes longer - but then crumbles are normally bigger.
I wasn't happy though, they were clearly cooked. But they hadn't browned on top like I'd hoped. So after the one bottom left winked at me, I popped them under he grill for a moment.

And got distracted.....
Until the smoke alaram went off. Well, at least it's working. It was kind of the effect I was after, just turned up to 11.
As for my single un-burnt crumble. It was lovely. The crumble mix was good and the soft brown sugar had formed a few chewy lumps just like M&S's.
The ginger though was a bit too much. Next time, I'll drop to a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon's worth. Also because the lazy ginger is matchsticked it was a bit all-or-nothing - I'd chop it further next time around, so the flavours blend together a little better.

Oh, as for the burnt ones: I did of course just scrape the burnt off and eat them anyway.


  1. oh no, they looked lovely before the grill though and at least they in principle tasted good.

  2. They still taste ok: once I've knocked the burnt bits off. That'll teach me to try to get all fancy.


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