Saturday, 6 November 2010

Post 219: Rare Roast Beef and Horseraddish melt

Maybe four or five years back in Leeds, a tiny weeny sandwih shop cum deli opened up called Pickles and Potter. I quickly adopted it. As did many others; in short suceession the queues became too long for me to wait and they expanded into being a proper sit-down.

While working from home, searching very hungrily for lunch. I could find the remnants from my Rib of Beef as per Tristan Welch and not much else. Even the bread looked a little past it's best. I managed to re-create Pickles and Potter's finest, all in less time than it takes to queue.
I've put this picture in big; I thought this was simply perfect.

1) Slice and fry a smallish onion
2) Toast on one side two thick slices of bread
3) A big smear of horseraddish sauce
4) Cut the leftover beef in to thick but bit sized pieces
5) Add the beef to the onions, just long enough to heat it through
6) Layer the beef and onions and then add a further layer of cheese
7) Grill both slices.

Best lunch I've had in ages. Definately made up for the disappointment first time around.

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  1. That sounds good, like a cheeseburger only a lot better.


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