Monday, 25 October 2010

Post 217: Cheers Findus

Ages ago, I found a link asking for volunteers to test cheese, olives, panetones and serano ham on which is a website for food blogging geeks. And so obviously of great interest to me.

From this I seem to have got onto the list of a food PR company. Recently they invited people to go to London to blind taste test a new range of Findus's foods. I declined; not wanting to use a day's leave and thinking it far too cheeky to try to extract from them the train fare.

Because I hadn't been able to attend, this arrived in the post:
I got:
  • 4 x £3.99 vouchers for Findus Fresher Taste range (enough for 1 of each flavour)
  • 1 x £10 Oddbins voucher to use for wine to go with
  • 1 x USB memory stick with a video on
  • 1 x eyemask to conduct my own blind taste test
I've not yet redeemed these vouchers as I'd already got planned my meals for the week. However, even though these things aren't normally my cup of tea (although a cup of tea is not my cup of tea either; I'm a coffee man) I shall give them a try and report back. I can't see myself conductng a blind taste test; more just enjoying a free lunch; which in this case does seem to be absolutely free.

Very happy days, there a few things I enjoy more than free goodies randomly appearing.


  1. but without sounding like a snob... findus... really? Although I must say I do remember their french bread pizzas with fondness!

  2. Dom - I know what you mean. But I am from Yorkshire, and I'll use that as an excuse for being so excited at getting something for nothing.

  3. I was going to say, the trouble with a chocolate blog is that I'm unable to review anything that hasn't got chocolate in it, but .... actually, not too envious of this one thought £10 to spend on a bottle or two of wine isn't bad.

  4. Well I will be interested in what you think of the Findus stuff when you try it and I think it's interesting that they are targeting food bloggers with their marketing. They must think that their stuff will stand up against our high standards. I am with Choclette on the Oddbins voucher - that's great, I would definitely get just the one bottle with that and maybe add a pound or two, then it might be a really special treat.

  5. Choc: you seem to do ok with the Chocolate reviews. I wouldn't know what to do with them apart from say "Oooh, Chocolatey. Thanks".

    I'd agree it is an interesting approach, given these blogs are about what people have created and cooked - rather than just warmed up. It might mean they're ok. It's probably 20 years since I bought a Findus product; I may be converted!

    A tenner's worth of wine must always be a good thing though! I'd already decided I'd go for a nicer bottle rather than just get as much plonk as I can.


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