Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Post 151: Up down turnaround Christmas Cake brings me back down to ground

Way back in November I'd made a Christmas cake as closely as I could manage to Delia's Christmas Cake recipe (see - christmas-cake). As per the Christmas pudding, I'd fed it weekly with rum. As the triumph of the Christmas pudding, expectations were exceedingly high. It looked nice, Mrs VegBox had done a fine job with the icing. So far so good.

Like a true Yorkshireman, I'd even got some soft crumbly cheese to accompany. The big cake cutting was so very exciting.

The white bit on top is the cheese; not just a pasty extra bit of marzipan.

For the first bite, I carefully took a chunk which involved cheese, icing, marzipan and cake. And it was, ok. But only that. While the Christmas pudding surpassed all expectations, this cake was very ordinary - it tasted like any old bit of fruit cake I'd ever had. Certainly not worth the effort of all the mixing, baking and feeding.

Sorry Delia love, this one just wasn't worth the effort. New recipe next year!


  1. As I write this comment I am tucking into a piece of my mum's very lovely Christmas cake, but I couldn't tell you the recipe or I would have to do something dastardly. The combo of cheese and cake looks very delicious. Sorry the cake didn't live up to expectations

  2. You big meany tease!

    Happy new year x


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