Monday, 16 November 2009

Post 132: Christmas Cake

There's no posts for ages then two come along at once...

And even worse. I only remembered I hadn't posted this when I went to the cupboard to feed it. Here's my christmas cake.

Here's the mix with the tonnes of love fruit in it. Made according to Delia's recipe, with the exception that (as per the christmas pudding) I'm using Rum instead of Brandy and I didn't use any treacle (because I left it in the cupboard - doofus me).

It took some right elbow grease to get that lot stirred together. I cooked it for 5 hours and then a knife came out clean, so I declared it done. It was only then that I discovered my second bit of forgetfulness - I'd not greased the cake tin. So the bottom was quite well stuck to the bottom of the tin. I've ended up with a big lump that I've stuck back together - not in any great hope of it staying there I must admit. However, once I add a half-hundred weight of marzipan and icing I'm sure it'll all be ok *crosses fingers*

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