Monday, 16 November 2009

Post 131: 7 hour roast pork

Oh, it was a sunday and I still really like a roast dinner. The last week was somewhat hectic and after several week's of racing through the box, I found myself somewhat backed up with veggies. All the more reason to have a nice roast. Even better was that this week it was roast pork, which is my very favourite of all.

Here he is in all it's surprisingly shiny looking glory:
I knew that I had gardening to do and other outside not-much-fun jobs to do. Unusually for me, I thought ahead a little and popped the pork into a low oven before I got my feet dirty. Eventually by the time we ate it had been in there for a whopping 7 hours. The first 3 hours in a very low oven, and then after that turned up a little - with the last 30 minutes on full whack to ensure crisp crackling. And heartburn later on.

I've no idea where the law of diminishing returns kicks in over the length of time to cook Pork. Longer seems better.  This stuff, fell apart under the knife. As it was a shoulder joint, there were a few little layers of fat between the thick soft meat. It's making me want to cook it all again just thinking about it now. After putting so much time into the meat, I really wasn't all that bothered with the veg.

Here they are though:
- two week's worth of box sprouts
- mash
- roast parsnip
- roast carrots
- cauliflower cheese
- broccoli (yes, I know it's a bit random)
 - lashings and lashings of gravy. Ooh, northern boys love gravy.


  1. Good idea to do a long slow roast. Pork isn't my favourite, I'd rather have lamb or beef, but that does look good.

  2. Lamb's my favourite too: but Mrs VegBox is not keen and so I'm not allowed very often. Slow cooked pork is a winner though, if you've got the time to do it.



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