Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Post 130: Fish and Chips

We hope it's chips, it's chips. We hope it's chips, it's chips. Will it be chips or Jacket Spuds. Will it be salad or frozen peas. Will it be mushrooms, fried onion rings you'll have to wait and see. We hope it's chips, it's chips.....

It is indeed chips! Proper home made chips. I get potatoes every week and this is the first time I've made chips with them. It's a bit scary when they all fizz a bit when you put them in, but boy oh boy are these fellas better than oven chips.

To serve with these, it was of course fish in batter. The batter made with:
- 125 gs sifted self raising
- 1 little bottle(200 ml) Hoegarden white beer
- 1/2 tsb each baking powder, and salt

This was all chilled prior to coating the fish. The Hoegarden helped to make a light batter.  But didn't taste of beer at all. I'll use fizzy water next time: much cheaper.

I'd left the chips in until golden brown. But I was keen to not over-cook the fish and in my eagerness to get it all cooking, I somewhat slopped it all in the boiling oil. Which led to my having a single big lump of fish bits. Very poor of me; I've seen people in proper chip shops carefully laying fish singularly into the oil. I really should have known better.

All this haste cost me some messy fish and a few bits of not-so-crisp batter. As ever, I live and learn. Permission has already been granted from Mrs VegBox for a repeat attempt though.

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