Monday, 28 December 2009

Post 150: Christmas Roundup

Merry Christmas all!

Here is a post lacking in photos of the main event and somewhat disjoint. But hey, it's Christmas, you can't expect coherence!

Christmas dinner was for 10 this year and it was the first time I'd ever cooked this for my Mum. The pressure was on. So, when everything hit the table and everyone dived in for the food, there just wasn't the chance to take a normal picture.

Christmas dinner comprised:
- Turkey
- Roasted potatoes, carrots, parsnip, mini turnips and fennel (it had arrived in my Veg Box, so why not?)
- Parnsips roasted in honey and grain mustard (the observant among you may notice that these were part of the M&S dine for a tenner offer recently....)
- Garlic Celeriac mash (which I made with a ratio of two bulbs of garlic to one celeriac. Winner!)
- Supper cheesey cauliflower cheese
- And of course Sprouts

It certainly kept everyone quiet for a while and seemed to be well appreciated. Sorry for the lack of photo though.

Everyone had stayed over and so a cooked breakfast had been needed. Once again, I'd got a bit over-excited over portions so there was a bowl of bacon, sausage and black pudding leftover. These and the leftover veggies, made my best ever bubble and squeak.

After two day's of over-indulgence, this was served with a lovely refreshing glass of vimto. Couldn't be beat!

The best bit of christmas dinner though was the Christmas Pudding (see - Rummy-christmas-pudding). Since cooking this at the beginning of November, we'd fed it some rum pretty much weekly. It was super! The sponge was very light and fluffy; which was quite unexpected in a christmas pudding. The taste was anything but light though: rum, golden syrup and fruit. Once it was hot and the syrup and the bottom had gone all goo-ey with fruity bits in; so nice. Definitely one to be repeated next year.

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