Saturday, 2 January 2010

Post 152: Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday

Well, the snow man's brought the snow. And put the great big smile upon my face. What also happened this year at Christmas was that at the same time my brother brought me a Turkey and my beer/freeze-a-turkey-until-easter fridge has broken. So I was left with a whole new fresh Turkey to use. New Year's day brought ding-ding round 2 Turkey dinner.

I forgot to take the tin foil off the bird and as a result the skin hadn't browned or gone crispy. No great problem there, really. This was an 11lb bird which I cooked (covered) for 4 1/2 hours @180 which seemed to be pretty much bob on.  On Christmas day I'd followed Delia's instruction high oven initially, medium for most of the time and back uncovered and high to finish and crisp. Well, all that now seems like so much faffing; this one was the better bird.

In the christmas excitement, I had lots of vegetables left from the VegBox.. So to serve, I kept it pretty traditional:
- Stuffing (and I can't wait for more Turkey-stuffing-mayo butties. YAY!)
- Mash
- Cabbage
- Roast carrots, parsnips and pink fur spuds
- Gravy, ooh northern boys love gravy

And now that we weren't in company as it were, I had myself a wee Turkey wing to gnaw on.

Happy New Year all.

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