Sunday, 12 June 2011

243: Tricky decisions....

I hadn't planned this at all and my life is not normally quite so interesting. Since the start of May my weekends have been spent: Greece, Greece, Greece (holiday), London (40th birthday), France (80th birthday), Edinburgh (stag do). It is with some relief that this weekend I've finally got to be at home.

I knew this sequence of bacchanalia was approaching and so I cancelled the VegBox. I think I cancelled it until last weekend. I was hoping for a bumper Veg-Box induced selection of vegetables with my roast dinner on my return from Edinburgh. However, the VegBox did not arrive. Nor did it arrive on Friday; and I'm certain I'd asked for deliveries to be re-started by then.

Mrs VegBox has been thinking for some time that VegBox people aren't too keen on travelling to us to deliver £10's worth of Vegetables. I'm not quite sure how she's got this impression; but I don't often see the Veg people. She's also been making grumbling noises about cancelling altogether - due to too many Jerusalem artichokes, parsnips (I like, she doesn't) and generally small bags of random leaves which get wasted too often.

Part of my reluctance for cancelling... is that I do enjoy this blogging malarky. But my garden is currently blooming and I'll be reaping my crops in the very near future - which should give me most of what I'd hope to be receiving from the VegBox.

Should I chase them up or not?


  1. fuck 'em...! you're growing your own anyway, which, if you're dedicated you should be able to replicate what you were getting from the delivery... then you can become 'veg garden boy'(quick, register it now) and continue blogging as you do x

  2. I say fuck 'em too.
    £10 a week for things you're prolly going to be getting gluts of anyway? Just give the money to me!
    Myself I don't really see any problem in blogging under the same url/title as you are doing. I love your garden updates!

  3. Erm... 'uck em.

    You could maybe find a decent farm shop to supplement any bits you're missing from your garden, and add random veg to your basket just for the Veg Box effect?!

  4. I agree with all of the above but in a much less sweary way ;) You should also know by now that the missus is ALWAYS right.

  5. Yey, go it alone. You can do it and create your very own Veg Box, so name still stands!

  6. I ended up cancelling my veg box as most of it started getting thrown away. I've been too tired from illness and work to cook as much as I once was, so a lot of it was getting wasted. Seemed a waste of £10 a week!

  7. I chuckled at the outraged responses, but I totally agree! Spend the £10 on seeds for the next few years instead :)


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