Monday, 20 June 2011

244: A foot of courgette

Well, with the Vegbox people seeming to have cancelled me (how very dare they!) I'd best step up to the mark with my gardening. Last year courgettes were a roaring success. This year they seem to have had something of a go-slow.

Last week's plentiful showers suddenly boosted production. And today I've harvested my first 'jet of the season. For scale purposes, this little beauty is just a little shorter than my foot. Although it's only fair to say I don't have very big feet.

Grown courgettes always seem to have a bulbous end. Bought ones are straighter. They taste much the same though, so I'm not going to let the concern me greatly.

My biggest courgette plant has two more which will be ready for taking off by next weekend. The other three courgette plants all have at least one or two small courgettes. It's all looking good; it's looking like I may not have to purchase any courgettes until the end of September - which I'd be very pleased about.


  1. Excellent, you've obviously done something right. Most of ours didn't come up and the ones that did are about 1 inch high! Luckily a friend gave us a couple in pots, but they only started to grow when the rain started ten days ago. after being desperate for rain, am now heartily sick of it - it's pouring here - again!

  2. i didn't even bother with courgettes this year because of my failings last year... I love your big footer though... well done!

  3. It looks great, all our squash are tiny at the moment. The best way I know to cook a courgette is chopped small, and cooked in butter and garlic until the courgette is melting a la Hugh FW. Very delicious. You could at least have put your foot in the picture.

  4. I agree with Kath... lets get a foot shot! Hee hee :)

  5. Hi, first time here, well I like gardening even if I do it upside down now, and I like veggies, and I also like boxes, so I will be back :-)



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