Wednesday, 25 May 2011

242: Garden's not dead! Super Yay

After two weeks off on holiday and then some busy times at work (how dare they make me work), I've been neglecting both my blog and my garden. Worse still, is my food intake since returning; takeaways - thai, curry twice, fish and chips, two pub meals and the total cookings amounting to beans on toast and frozen pizza. I'm now getting desperate for some proper fruit and veg.

Here's being healthy on holiday... before the disastrous food and beer intake on my return.

The garden's progress is along the lines of:
  • 4 courgette plants all outside and alive, one with a 2-3inch courgette on
  • dozens of tiny green strawberries
  • Thai basil plants still alive!
  • Weird things on my tomatoes. The outside ones haven't grown but have cherry tomato sizes toms growing. The greenhouse ones have grown plenty but have only a couple of teeny tiny toms
  • Inside, I've got Cayenne peppers 3" long and Bell peppers not far off ready to eat.

Here's my chives all a-flower and one of my strawberry sections. After Jay Rayner's suggestion on last week's One Show I tried a chive flower - super chivey! Weird (but not unpleasant).
My blue-berry plant seems to have liked the move from a pot to a raised bed. I'm hoping to get more than two berries this year! The raspberries continue to be a dead loss though. Everyone says rassers are easy to grow. I'm not sure how I'm failing.
 Here's the rest of my plantings. Onions and garlic are pretty much ready. I'm expecting to be self-sufficient in garlic through til Christmas at least.

Some peas under very difficult to keep in place covers. Rhubarb's doing well, but I'm waiting until next year to crop it.

The only casualty of my holiday was the coriander; but I'm not too distraught - I think I'd done ok to keep that alive in the first place after buying in the supermarket anyway.
Happy days indeed. Hopefully, very soon I'll get down to some healthy cooking and eating of this lot. It's good to be back. X

Oh and just so's you don't think I'm being too flash, here's my more common water-ski position:

Man down!


  1. how dare you go on holiday...? My veg garden is crazy too... I have carrots already and they're purple!

  2. I know Dom, it isn't fair is it? What really isn't fair though, is that I was tarting around the Dordogne eating confit duck pie while you posted that. (hence the seemingly tardy slow response)

    Happy days indeed. Now to catch up with my blog readings and maybe eventually get to some cooking.

    ** weirdly - blogger isn't letting me comment as me. Very strange **

  3. Looks like you had a great time showing off. Glad to hear your hols didn't kill your veg though - it's all looking really good. I think I've just killed myself working down at the field in the midday sun.


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