Thursday, 30 December 2010

Post 226: Merry Christmas to me

My Brother knows a man, that knows a man. He's like that; he knows many men.

Because I live in York; he thought I might find it tricky to buy Henderson's. Which isn't true. But it's the thought that counts and so via one of his contacts, he got me.....

 A gallon of the stuff!

I think it might take me a while to work my way through this. There's already a very healthy shake gone in my Turkey stew and filling my old bottle barely made a dent in the gallon.

I'm confident this batch'll last another couple of Turkey's.

Cheers, Bro!


  1. Great present - should last a few years ;)

    What is Hendersons anyway - like Worcester Sauce?

    Wishing you a happy & healthy New Year

  2. I've never tried Henderson's Relish. Your brother must think you like it a lot!

    Happy New Year

  3. It's very like Worcester Sauce, I'd struggle to tell them apart. Choclette: unlike Worcester (I think it's got anchovies in) it's veggie friendly, so you can give it a go.

    If either of you are ever near York in the next 20 years I'll decant you a bit off.

    Happy new year, X


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