Friday, 24 December 2010

Post 225: Christmas Pudding Roulette

I live in a new house. When we moved house, we were very keen on having a new one. As previously we'd lived in one from ~1900 and characterful as it was it, it needed a fair bit of maintenance - for which I'm woefully lacking skill and patience.

New house = happy days stress/maintenance free days and so it was or the first three winters that we've been in. It seems though that modern house builders just don't design their houses for minus 10 (minus 10.5 is the coldest it's been when I've got in to the car in a morning so far). This has resulted in frozen pipes twice. The first time we got away without any leak. The second time, we hadn't realised and switched the washing machine on....

The water going in to the machine was fine, but it couldn't then escape and was forced up through the sink - and then into the cupboard below the sink. Which was where I was keeping my Christmas Pudding. A little water went onto the pudding, getting through the greaseproof tied round the top. Water shouldn't be too harmful; but Persil might not add much to proceedings to the taste!

I'll find out tomorrow. But jut in case, I've bought an extra pudding from the shop.

Merry Christmas all.

**** POSTSCRIPT ****
I tested the pudding and it very fortunately didn't taste of Persil at all. Quite a relief. I couldn't manage any pudding on Christmas day; I was far too stuffed with Turkey and Pigs in Blankets. But here it is on Boxing Day - along with my Christmas jigsaw. Very happy days indeed.


  1. Oh no, that is terrible. I think you may have to eat the shop bought one. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and no more frozen pipes. x

  2. mmmm Persil cake! my favourite!... Merry Chrimbo my dear boy!

  3. Thank goodness. How is the jigsaw progressing? A man of great patience I see.

  4. Patience? - sometimes; I try, but I'm not always very good.

    Jigsaw is proving much harder to finish than the pudding was (wasjig 17: it's a toughie!)


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