Friday, 8 October 2010

Post 214: The Gammon trilogy part 2

This recipe is a little tricky, so if anyone is going to try to follow it, then it may be worth reading it all through before making a starting.

  • Trim all the fat from the gammon
  • Slice the gammon approximately half an inch thick
  • Take a fresh soft white breadcake, carefully slicing horizontally across the middle
  • Scrape as much english mustard as you can stand across the top and bottom
  • Arrange gammon slices in the middle
  • Repeat until it looks like enough for lunch
As sequels go, this is the Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey..... pretty silly - but then so was the original.

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  1. I am starving and could eat a passing horse and you dare to tempt me with your thickly sliced ham!


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