Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Post 213: Honey Mustard Roasted Gammon, part 1 of a trilogy

I'll confess from the off, this trilogy doesn't have much by the way of characters or plot development. But then neither did Kill Bill. I can't promise Uma Thurman in a Cat Suit - but then there are plenty of sites that can.

I can though promise three uses for a Joint of Gamon. Use number 1 was roasted with Honey and Mustard. I'd read that Gammon roasted could be overly salty. To counteract this, I put it into a big pan of water and brought it to the boil. Draining it, I then covered in and put it into a low-medium oven (150c) for a couple of hours.

To make the honey and mustard, I took - well some honey and some mustard (powder) and mixed them with a spoon into a thick paste. Not much science was needed here - a good squeeze of honey and a shake of mustard powder. I then took the Gammon out of the oven and scored the fat and then spread the goo on.
It wasn't looking especially good as this point.

As soon as the honey hit the hot Gammon is warmed the honey , but most of it seemed to stay where I'd put it due to the scoring.

Cranking the oven up to 220c and uncovering I gave the gammo another 45 minutes. I was hoping the fat around the gammon would crisp; I was excited about Honey Roast Crackling.
However, much as the fat looked a nice colour, it didn't crisp. I think I should have had my oven even hotter for this last part. The meat inside though wasn't salty - so, some success.

So, although a roasted lump of meat ought to be it's best use, it appears I've started with The Godfather part III of the piece.


  1. Lovely, I do love a roast gammon. It won't ever crisp up though - don't ask me why it doesn't, it just won't. It will burn though, as I have found out before now, so 220 sounds about hot enough. The thing to do is cut the rind off, leaving as much fat as you can and glaze that, then all those who are Jack Spratt wife oriented will enjoy some tasty fat with their ham. I am looking forward to part 2 and 3 - and I am much more excited about finding out what you are going to do with the gammon next than I could be about Uma as a cat. Not sure I want to see a horse's head anytime soon though.

  2. hunk of pork looking fairly sinister I feel... how did it taste? i've never cooked pork like this before but I would like to try pork belly, which I love the taste of... nice blog post

  3. I wonder why it won't crisp, at least this feels a little less like a failure now.

    Sinister Pork nice - I may use that phrase again. Nice. This was well, like Gammon; just a little less salty and a bit more moist than if I'd bought a normal slice. It was quite a nice dinner - but go for a Pork Belly; it's much better.

    Thanks both, x


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