Sunday, 10 October 2010

Post 215: Gammon Trilogy part 3: Nearly Pan Heggarty (so, nearly a Hairy Biker's dish I guess)

A friend of mine cooked Pan Heggarty out of the Hairy Biker's book a little while ago. I tried and failed to find a recipe online. But this was always in my mind when I roasted the Gammon in part 1 of my Gammon trilogy. I'd served the Gammon with roasted potatoes and carrots and a big pan of cabbage. This had left quite an amount of leftovers. All part of my masterplan.

The description I'd had of the Hairy Biker's Pan Heggarty, seem to involve bubbling everything in stock until cooked. All my ingredients though were already cooked, so I couldn't really see why I'd need to add stock. And the potatoes were already pretty flavoursome from the Gammon juices and honey, mustard coating in the initial cooking. The bikers use Bacon; I had Gammon - close enough I'd say!

  • (Yawn, do I always have to start this way?) 1 big onion cut fairly small
  • 3 cloves of garlic chopped
  • Fried these in as little oil as I could until soft / brown
  • Sliced the potatoes ~ 3/4's of an inch across and added them. Turning the heat up a little on these, I moved them around just slowly enough so they browned and crisped just a little at the edges. I could have employed more care to try not to bash the potatoes and not burnt them. But, well, I didn't want to. 
  • Sliced the (already fat free from butty making) Gammon in to matchsticks / batons about, adding about 4oz/100 gs. My idea here being that each mouthful should include a little Gammon
  •  Finally when all this looked to be getting close to hot enough, added the Cabbage - adding this at the end because this would provide the moisture to the dish and I didn't want to dry it out.
This was a much superior meal to the initial roast. Right up there with Godfather part II so far as sequels go. I may be tempted to roast a gammon again just so that I can have this.

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