Saturday, 26 June 2010

Post 112: Onions versus Garlic

Who wins, Harry would say "Fiiiiiiiight!". However knocking up a video of two men fighting in a Onion suit and a Garlic suit would be a little excessive  for a fairly simple blog posting.

In this case though, the winner is much clearer to call. There is no need for such tele-visual fripperies to settle the debate. My onions and garlic had been in all through winter, I had hoped they'd be ready much earlier, but the cold weather and snow slowed them right down.  I finally decided it was time to reap the crops, some of the onions had stalks almost a metre tall and they were starting to go to seed. Most of the garlic stems had also started to fall over too; which is a sign of readyness according to my big-book-of-gardening.

So, time to reap - and this is what I came up with:

The winner is......pretty clearly the garlic. 25 bulbs of garlic - which would cost me ~£20 out on my Veg Box (they give me 2 bulbs in a Veg Box if they're a bit small, or just 1 for normal) or ~£7 from Tesco's (3 organic galric bulbs cost 70p there and randomly the organic's are always cheaper than the normals).

Most of the onions were slightly small - maybe only £3 or £4 quids worth even from the Veg Box.

Hey-ho; at least I'll be able to fend off the vampires for a while to come. I'll be having another go next year - hopefully I can do a little better with the onions, but pretty pleased with the garlic crop.


  1. Congratulations to the garlic - if one has to be the winner, this gets my vote. But impressed nonetheless with your onions as we don't grow those, although given the amount we consume we probably ought to.

  2. Brilliant. I think ours are ready for harvest too, and now reading your post has decided it for me, as our onions look like they have been trodden on by a herd of deer today. So maybe that is an indication of readiness, unless they really have been trodden on by a herd of deer. Does it say anything in your big book of gardening about herds of deer?

  3. The onions do seem to take an awful long time for something which doesn't cost all that much. On the upside, they did sit quite merrily without my having to do anything all through winter. Depends how much space you've got as to whether it's worth it.

    Strangely, it doesn't mention roaming deer herds. Maybe you should put a little sign up? - like a Santa Stop here one

  4. Maybe I should put up a sign, Santa please stop here only once a year. We do have a lot of deer visitors, particularly partial to roses and cabbage it seems,but they don't turn their noses up to much. We have so many that they are calling for a cull because they are causing a hazard on the local roads. They are very lovely to look at though and I don't begrudge them a nibble when they need it. I harvested half our garlic yesterday and I am going to leave the rest in until next week- ish.

  5. We had a rabbit on our lawn yesterday and I got very excited - visiting deer is really nice. I've seen deer in the wild only a couple of miles away; but it's not very likely they'd be able to cross the road to come up my street.

    How's your garlic?


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