Saturday, 29 May 2010

Post 207: Homemade pizzas

I was bumbling around the kitchen struggling to think what to cook, when I saw the breadmaker and hit upon the idea of pizza's. Possible if I'd looked in the drawer and found Domino's number then I might still have had pizza for T but with a lot less effort.

Anyway two 300gs batches of pizza dough and a trip to Tesco's later, I was good to go. My first mistake was to leave the dough uncovered while it was proving and because I'd  done the dough pre-Tesco's trip I'd left the dough to prove far longer than the recommended 15 minutes. This gave me a crust on the un-baked dough. Not a good start.

Then to rolling the dough. I hadn't known how much dough was needed per pizza, I managed to rollout 2 and a little 'un from the 600gs, I managed to fill my two trays reasonably well. The pizza dough is amazingly elastic, so it took quite some strectching out. I even had a go a twizzling it round in the air.

Once I'd go it big enough to fill the trays, I then concentrated on the tomato sauce. This I made by adding garlic (3 cloves) and an a onion to some passata and then reducing it down a bit.

The on with the topping:
- 1 x ham, cheese and basil (Basil from the garden! yay my herb patch)
- 1 x pepperoni, cheese and olives

Turned out like this ->

Which for my first attempt at a pizza I was pretty pleased with.

There's the upside, the downsides were:
- I needed to stretch the dough much more; I like a thin base, and I probably needed about only half the dough I'd used per pizza.
- Quite how far I'm able to spread flour around the kitchen whilst trying to stretch pizza dough is pretty amazing

So, very nice but I'm not sure I'll be doing it again in a hurry; especially when there are offers on at Pizza Express.


  1. Home made pizza is fab, but a lot of work I admit! I've always made jamie's recipe from the 'at home' book with good success :)

  2. Thats looks pretty good. Homemade pizza can be a lot of work and mess, but is really good fun as well and a great way to use stuff up (most things can go on a pizza in some form!). Hope you try them again sometime!

  3. They look fab. Who got the job of cleaning up the flour though?

  4. I had a go at cleaning up... but when I returned to the kitchen it just looked like someone had smeared flour around all the kitchen surfaces. I seemed to have only managed to spread it around a bit further.

    The pizza's must have been ok, because I didn't get in trouble for it though!

    Thanks all, x

  5. The pizza looks great - don't give up, you'll know what to do next time and produce something even better! Pizza express pizza's are pretty good though!


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