Thursday, 27 May 2010

Post 206: Veg Box Stir Fry

What's going on here..... a recipe on a gardening blog?

Although I'm relaxed and raring to go after my holidays, my cooking imagination/mojo is still lingering in Greece. This week's Veg Box was though a gift: Pak Choi. In my head Pak Choi = Stir Fry. I've little idea what else you can do or would want to do with some Pak Choi.

So nice new big knife to the fore, I set about chopping. Which is always pretty pleasant.

So, here's what I chopped (all, as small as I could)
- 1 onion
- 5 cloves of garlic
- 1 teaspoon of lazy ginger (it comes in strips, and they are a bit big sometimes)
- 4 hot chillies, for a bit of life
- 1 small-ish leek (very fine)
- 1 bag ~250gs pak choi
- 1 bag ~250gs mushrooms

Normally I'd think of spring onion for stir-frys and I didn't have one. I was conscious stir-fry should be cooked quick and I like my onion cooked slow. So a bit of improvisation was called for: I fried on a low-ish heat it until golden in sesame oil. Once I'd decreed the onions soft enough, I turned the heat up to 11 and added the garlic, chillies and ginger.

Once they started to sizzle, next up some chicken for a minute or two, and then everything else - alongside a good glug each of Oyster sauce and dark Soy Sauce. Stirring constantly. This doesn't sound long at all to be cooking chicken, but I had cut it very small. And I'm not dead or dysentery-ed up.

Here it is:
It's not the prettiest stir-fry I've ever seen. It could do with some other colour than green in there. However, it tasted nice, didn't take very long at all and I didn't need to buy any more vegetables than I'd already got in my Veg Box - which is always a bonus.

By the time I get to cook this again, I'm hoping I'll have fresh coriander from the garden to use!


  1. I love stir fry. It's simple and quick. Most of my dishes are stir fries. Your's look delicious.

  2. It looks very good, just what I could have had for my lunch had I not been tempted by that darn steak bake.

  3. Mary: Stir-frys are getting pretty popular in our house, although I need to develop a few more variations though. I may be stealing some of yours: I've just joined your blog

    Greggs Steak Bake? I hope you treat yourself to an Apple turnover to follow. A fine lunch indeed!

  4. Sounds like my stir fry, they never seem to look pretty.


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