Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Post 199: Non-stuck Omelette

Just to prove I can do it sometimes, after my Omelette disaster (The secret to a good Omelette) here's today's jumbo sized brunch:

I'd put the light on the cooker, as I've worked out that its the flash on my camera phone which is making all my food look terribly shiny. Any the result of this was my Omelette now looks like it was cooked in the midsts of a beautfiul golden sunset - instead of a slightly overcast morning.

I can't say it was particularly exciting: eggs, cheese and tomatoes. But the picture was taken post-flipping - see I can do it sometimes!

Also - James Martin take note: look at the just slightly browned top. You can rest assured that the only squidgy bits by the time I ate it were cheese and not nasty runny egg with big lumps of butter in.

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