Monday, 26 April 2010

Post 200: Planting up, growing my own VegBox progress.

Certainly the other week when I attempted to plant out my courgettes I was being far too optimistic. I'd got two trays of 22 peat pockets planted and most of them seemed to be coming along a treat:
Across the two trays, I had in:
- Tomatoes 3 varieties
- Coriander
- Basil
- Courgettes (RIP)
- Lettuces (being able to grab a few fresh leaves for a butty was deemed a big success last year)
- Chives

Having learned from the courgettes to bide my time a little, I noticed some of the plants seemed to be starting to struggle. Clearly I'm no gardener, but I've put that down to them having outgrown their little peat pockets. But given that we still had a little frost through the week it's still too early for them to go outside. I could do with some poly-tunnels or a greenhouse just now.

Not having either of these things, I've settled for re-planting them into proper pots. The window sill in the kitchen and the utility is rammed:
I've got a little holiday planned and I'm hoping by the time I return in mid-may these will all be ready to go outside properly. *Crosses fingers*


  1. Well done thats so impressive! I'm ashamed to admit that all of my seeds are still in their packets :( probably too late to do them this year now? So I shall live precariously through your endeavours! Liking the new site layout too :)

  2. Well done you - we haven't got our heads around sowing our basil or tomatoes yet and time is motoring on - aghhh!

  3. Thank you ladies; there's nothing big enough to eat yet though - and I'm not convinced that after I get back from holidays they'll still be living.

    I'm not sure it's too late to start; it's only just stopped frosting. Go on, get 'em planted...


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