Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Post 179: Roast Pork with honey roast parsnips

Roast dinners are a sunday staple. Not because I'm a traditionalist, just because I like it and it works well; providing bubble and squeak for monday evenings. Recently I've had a run of poor form with these; which has been most disappointing.

Sunday saw a return to form though. I'd bought the meat from a proper butchers and this seemed to make all the difference. The joint didn't really look all that different from the supermarket one I'd bought; but there was a world of difference in the taste and texture; the butcher's stuff infinitely better.

Here it is, just prior to my smothering the whole lot in gravy:
- Roast pork, cooked slow over 6 hours
- Mashed potatoes and turnip (not popular)
- Sprouts
- Roast potatoes
- Leeks in cheesey sauce (made with extra strong cheddar; really good)
- Then parsnips and carrots roasted with honey
I think I added the honey in far too early in to proceedings. The burnt-ness of these was very popular; it was deliberate, honest.

I'm not sure the baking tray will ever recover though.


  1. Yum. We had bubble and squeak for the third Monday on the run this week, I will have to offer something different next Monday or I will start getting complaints.

  2. I must be dull - monday is bubble most weeks (I do try to pick sunday's veggies with an eye on how well they will bubble up). Sometimes we have it with gravy; sometimes with a fried egg on top.

    It's wild and crayzee times round here. Who says variety, isn't spice of life?

  3. Yep, we had gravy one week, eggs, baked beans and cold meat for the other two. Lovely, lovely, but I will have to give it a rest for a couple of weeks at least and sneak them on top of a shepherd's/ cottage pie instead. He will never notice...


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