Saturday, 6 March 2010

Post 178: The finest sandwich in the history of the world

Ok, that may be over-stating the facts a little, but it was mighty fine. The day had started well with a trip to the Butcher's where I purchased lots and lots of meat, which I'm already excited about cooking. But whilst in there a product winked at me. Something so fine looking I couldn't help wondering where it had been until now.

Behold the majesty of Doreen's Black AND White Pudding. Well, I just couldn't resist. After this, the path to breakfast was very clear.

The Black and White slice was about 1/2" thick, so I gave it 5 minutes start over the bacon. I even remembered to oil the tray a little to avoid sticking (I'm normally that dozy in a morning I forget). Then, thick cut unsmoked bacon done until crispy. Then fried egg, from eggs which I'd got fresh from a bloke at work who keeps free range chickens (fed on spaghetti!)

To make this into the finest sandwich ever, I'd bought a fresh soft white loaf. Starting from the bottom, I then built the butty:
- No butter
- A smear of english mustard
- The Black and White pudding spread across the slice
- A covering a crispy bacon (3 rashers)
- One egg each half
- Top slice dipped briefly in the bacon fat

Any engineers may prefer a cross section view, which shows the depth and the runnyness of the egg.

What could be a finer way to start my saturday, than with this and a go at the Guardian Quiz (I did terribly, but I tried....)


  1. That does indeed look like a mighty fine sandwich!

  2. I know CT would love to start his mornings with such a mighty fine sandwich as this - he's very good and doesn't grumble too much about living with a vegetarian though.

  3. Thanks - it was so good I didn't need to eat again until the evening. A good butty!

    CT gets to come home to chocolate cakey niceness though. Sometimes, I'd swap. Maybe not last saturday though, when I'd made my best effort with the bacons.



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