Friday, 22 January 2010

Post 157: Garlic Chilli Kale

I'm alive, and still with all my fingers intact. I know you've all been worried!

The reason for the delay, has not been my horrific tin-an based injury, but I had a bit of trouble transferring photos from my phone. But technical hitches are now over, and I can now post monday's vegggies, hich was Garlic Chilli Kale. I regularly cook cabbage with garlic and chilli and it's lush. So, I thought I'd try exactly the same method with Kale. So, first sizzle a bit of garlic and chilli in oil.

Hopefully the sizzle-ness comes across in the photo, as it all looked and smelled pretty good at the point.  The Kale itself took quite some preparation; I cut along the middles to remove the thick stalk and then shredded it across horizontally. By the time I'd got it all shredded, it looked like a huge mound of the stuff in comparison to the smallish bag it had started out as. I then fried this with some salt. Unlike when I do cabbage, it didn't really soften down into a big mush - it all retained it's curly bouncyness. I should have known better, I'd read thisGreedyRosie's Stir Fry Kale.Unlike Rosie, I hadn't added any water in to proceedings - which works fine for the cabbage. Not so good here though, the kale stayed a little tough to chew.

Still it tasted nice, especially when used to mop up the gravy from the Beef, Mushroom and Ale pie I ate with it. (which was, I must confess from M&S. Very poor, I know)


  1. Your link to my recipe doesn't work.
    I could do with an M&s Pie you know. Its awful, but yet so nice!

  2. As we grow loads of kale and no cabbage, this looks a good one to try. Usually find that if you stick a lid on it after a little initial frying then it softens up quite nicely. Glad to hear no need for hand amputation.

  3. Choc: I think it's worth a go, but then I'm convinced garlic and chilli improve everything.

    Rosie: Linky works now. Ooh, the M&S Gastropub Steak and Mushroom pie; lush!

    Thanks both, x


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