Sunday, 24 January 2010

Post 158: Fish Pie, (slightly like Brian Turner's)

Feeling, quite happy with myself, yesterday, I:
- Ran a half marathon
- Remembered to buy birthday presents for niece and nephew
- Cooked a fish pie for the first time ever
And not so happily:
- Took very bad photos of said fish pie.

Here's a photo from above, with all it's lovely cheesyness. I think maybe less shiny table mats might help my photos. That, and not taking them on my phone maybe. Anyway, onto the cooking. I looked up the BBC's recipe and Brian Turner's. They both seemed to be a little convoluted and did not match to the fish I had (careful selection of the fishes was crucial to gaining the required permission to cook the fish pie).

- I started by finely chopping a small onion and softly frying it in a tiny-weeny amount of oil (Brian Turner's recipe didn't fry the onion, it just used it in the poaching milk and then threw it away. As you'll all know, I'm a big fan of slow frying onions. And I'm also not such a big fan of throwing things away)
- I then added a couple of carrots diced pretty small. Again this wasn't in Brian's recipe, but I was worried about hard carrots
- I then added the fish, which was ~250gs smoked haddock and ~300gs cod, which I'd cut into one inch chunks and slowly brought this to a simmer in 1 and 1/4 pints of milk, along with some bay leaves
- Once this simmered, I drained (and saved) the poaching milk
- So, after making a start on the sauce with butter and flour, most of the milk was then added until the sauce went a little thicker. Because we like it, we then added a little cheese for extra thickness
- This was then added to a casserole, and I was meant to add some peas in at this stage - but I forgot.
- I then mashed 1 1/2 pounds of potatoes, using the last bits of the poaching milk, carefully laying these on top of the fishy-sauce mixture.
- Just for good measure, I then covered in cheese

- Bake until super hot. Serve.

I really couldn't argue with anyone who says it looks rubbish. It did a bit. But it must have been good though - I've been given permission to cook it again!


  1. I am sure the photos don't do it justice, it sounds delicious. Well done on doing the half marathon, especially being in a fit state to cook afterwards and getting it so right that you have permission to cook the pie again.

  2. The photos look even worse now I've looked at them again! Must try harder on that front.

    It was a bit touch and go whether I was in any fit state for a while. Lots of coffee and cake seemed to be the answer.

    Thanks Kath.

  3. Coffee and cake is always the answer!


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