Thursday, 14 January 2010

Post 155: Sausage and Mash

The comfort eating continues. Someday soon, I'll cook something new and interesting. Until then, I'm planning on ramming as much hearty food down my gullet as I can to stave of the winter chills. Monday's was Sausage, mash and cabbage. Which is awfully similar to Sunday's with sausage replacing the chicken. Last time I cooked this, I tried to disguise the boringness/simplicity of this by describing it in french; I'll have to find some other languages.

Never mind. Because I'd not got roasted vegetables, I added extra butter into the mash, for improved lushness. As ever, lots and lots of gravy. Very enjoyable, even it's it's not all that original.


  1. Exactly what we had for tea tonight and which, if I get around to it, will be blogging about tomorrow - can't beat it I say!

  2. What's not interesting about comfort food? Sounds totally delicious even if i don't eat meat.

  3. Thanks for the comments - after them I spotted some very lax editing even by my own laissez-faire standards (I'd only gone and forgot the picture).

    I lvoe comfort food; I'm just none too sure why anyone would want to read about it; but I don't like to leave it too long between posts.



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