Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Post 154: Roast Chicken a la (not) Nigel Slater)

This is a slightly delayed posting of sunday's meal. Prepared with an almighty hangover.

Like Jess and Laura off series 1 of The Restaurant, I knew that I'd be needing some Brown and Green food to put some power back into myself. Because I knew I was going to be lacking in power, I went for the ole favourite. Chicken, mash and cabbage.

Here's sunday's kitchen. In a brief moment of energy, I stuffed some garlic and basil into the bird's cavity. Only a partial success though that one. Normally I cook chickens as per Nigel Slater - who recommends starting them off for half an hour upside down and then turning them over. This according to Nige (he's so nice on the telly, I think it will be ok to call him Nige) ensures that the breast is moist. This generally proves to be true. However, it does sometimes result in losing some of the lovely crispy skin from off the breast.

On sunday, I just didn't bother. I can't even think why now, until after I'd eaten this it was all something of a fug. When it came to eating, the breast was lovely and moist. I'm not sure I could tell the difference between a flipped and a non-flipped bird. Where there was definately a difference though was that the hint of basil and garlic I'd tried to give the chicken didn't work - this certainly works better with Slater's bird-flipping method.

To serve with this, I did mash, cabbage and a few roasted carrots, parsnips and lashings of gravy. Mash certainly makes my top ten of hangover foods.

On reflection, I shall return to Nigel's chicken methods next time out.


  1. I love a roast chicken, flipped or not, but it's interesting that not flipping it affected whether the herbs permeated the meat. Not convinced Nigel is the type to be called Nige though.

  2. I'll experiment with this again. It did seem to me to make a difference; unless in my befuddled state I'd skimped too much on the herbs, but I don't think I did.

  3. I am fairly certain he wouldn't mind Nige - another Nige(lla) also flips the bird. As do I.
    I can't say I'm definitely convinced there's much difference.


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