Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Post 146: Pork et Chives saucise, bulle et couic avec sauce au jus (comme bisto)

How do you like me (and my wafer-thin veneer of sophistication) now?

It's beautiful or it would have been if my photo hadn't come out so randomly shiny. It's almost nouvelle cuisine!

Raymond: "So, VegBoxBoy - how do you call this arrangement? How is this showing your your passion for food"

VegBoxBoy: "Well, Ray - it's three sausages piled on some bubble, with gravy. I tried to make it Desperate Dan style, but the sausages fell over. I can only apologise for the poor presentation; but Willingham's already on her second plate mon ami"

Monday's Tee - £2.72's worth of sausages and some leftovers. There could be very little finer on a wet monday night.  Very little left already from this week's box. The week so far: tasty, healthy, cheap: happy days. I thank you.


  1. Oh aye, posh sausage and mash then - you had me confused! Loving the comme Bisto. How I have giggled!

  2. I'm not sure it was posh sausage and mash...

    I hadn't noticed it being penguin like, but now you mention it. I'll have to try to arrange my food in the style of animals again. It's a new challenge.


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