Monday, 19 October 2009

Post 117: Rost Bif

Well, saying in (even perjorative) french makes anything sound posher and more imaginative. Well, it wasn't for this week's trick, I repeated last week's: take contents of veg box and lump of meat, cook and serve.

Oh so good though. There's something particularly warming about a proper roast dinner. This week, I got myself all confused in the butcher's. I asked for beef big enough for 6, expecting 4 of us to be hungry and there to be some left for butties. The nice lady butcher asked if I wanted leftovers, Yes! I said. And lo, I ended up with a lump of beef about the size of a breezeblock.

From this week's box, once again, I served pretty much all of it. The only bits I left out were: onions, brocoli which I'll have plenty of opportunities to use through the week. Carrots I left out, because I used my own garden fresh ones.

That just left some pretty manky looking leaves. I thought I'd not waste time: so I chucked them out straight away.

So, all in:
- Roast beef
- Roasted potatoes, mini-swedes and the bigger of the carrots
- Cauliflower and Leeks in cheese sauce; seperately.
- Mash
- Boiled: One of them strange pointy cabbages, the first sprouts of winter and the mini garden carrots

- Yorkshire puddings

After my last effort's failed, I invested in a fancy silicon baking tray. What a thing of wonder. It's a bit weird when you pull it and it's all floppy, but then you can just peel the puddings out easy!

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