Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Post 118: Recipes? What's going on? Dauphinoise Potatoes, chorizo stuffed chicken breast

Something's gone wrong here. I've done some cooking which involves a recipe and multiple pans. Maybe I need a little lie down.

There are only two better uses I can think of for the mighty potato:
- Belgian chips
- Proper roasted in plenty of fat roasties

So, with some surprise, I report this was my first ever attempt at Dauphinoise's. I looked up a few recipes and went with the easiest of them:
  • Handful of salt, a bit less of pepper
  • 5 cloves garlic, fine chopped
  • 8 medium estima potatoes, sliced 2-3mm thick. This was quite enjoyable, as I got to play with my big knife and it all felt proper-cheffy (which obviously I'm not)
  • Mix, and squash flat into a baking pot
  • Nearly cover in double cream, a 500 ml pot.

The recipe said to cook for an hour @160c, but I gave it 1 1/2 hours and it seemed to be better for the extra half hour. Certainly a bit more crozzled on top; which I wanted. I was guessing a bit at quantities this was probably enough for about 6; certainly more than enough for the 4 of us.


To serve with this, I was again feeling slightly fancy; although not Masterchef levels fancy. I went for a chicken breast, stuffed with garlic (5 more cloves between 4 breasts), emmenthal cheese, chorizo - sliced ~5mm thick. This I wrapped in another layer of emmenthal and some serano home. I cooked these wrapped in foil for 20 minutes and then opened the foil for the last few minutes. All aimed at ensuring the ham was dried but not frazzled, which I think I achieved.

Served alongside a boiled cabbage: well, there was quite enough excitement on the plate already!


  1. So what was the verdict on the Dauphonoise? I love it and with all that cream and garlic, it would be very hard not to like it. Might just have to go and make this myself now!

  2. Beautiful! thanks - even though I say so myself.

    The leftover ones were really good too: it all congealed into a mass of creamy-potato-garlic lovelyness.


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