Sunday, 18 October 2009

Post 116: You've got to wonder

Really, what is the point?

Here's my final harvest of carrots. The ones down at the bottom left are so tiny that they went straight in the bin. The rest ranged between small and peaked at average. Lidl are currently advertising a kilo of big washed carrots for 37p: I think I probably spent more on watering these than that.

That was all terribly downbeat wasn't it.

I've reaped them today and will eat them in only a couple of hours:  I'm sure all will look much rosier when I serve them up with the half-cow sized joint of beef I've bought.

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  1. Well, they look huge and bountiful compared to our meagre crop this year AND surely they'll taste so much better than the Lidl variety with all the blood sweat and tears that went into them!


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