Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Post 114: Quelle Surprise

Well, what else could it be after a mighty 9 veg roast dinners, but leftovers. I added a couple of onions to the bubble; which left me in the unusual position of having used almost everything in the Veg Box by monday Tea time.

After I'd got the mush-in-bowl to the required consistency I popped in in a flat bottomed frying pan, especially to brown it off a bit. Served with gravy. I realise this is not really proper food; but I like it almost as much as first time round.

We got 5 servings of bubble out of the leftover veggies, 4 served with gravy, with me getting another cheeky one in with a fried egg on for breakfast. Yet again, proving my long held theory that there's very few meals that can't be improved with the addition of a fried egg.

For the chicken, apart from the random-just-passing-the-fridge-nibblinggs, I baked some half whole-meal half white bread. I like it because it feels like I'm being healthy, but is still fluffy like proper white.

To balance up the health, I started with a smear of stuffing, then a layer of chicken and finishing off with a big smear of mayonnaise. Super-duper starship trouper!

So, all in my roast dinner has managed 14 meals! Not bad for under £20!

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