Monday, 12 October 2009

Post 113: Give away: Simply-Christmas Harrogate 27th to 29th November

Ticket give away. I've got some complimentary tickets to the Simply-Christmas fair to give away. Apparently it's 'The North of England's premier christmas fair presenting the finest gifts and cuisine'. It's on between 27th and 29th of November. For more details, see Normally these tickets are a £8 each and my comps let two people in.

It's all good!

I thought about running a competition..... but frankly I was too lazy and don't know how to set up an 0898 number to make a few bob out of it. Here's how you get one:
- Get in touch and I'll post the tickets off. I'm not sure you're really meant to do this, but go on, give them ads a little click, to cover the stamps, thanks ;-)

Easy-peasy give aways! 

Merry Christmas early from Veg Box Boy x

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  1. Thanks for sharing the info on getting the tickets to Simply-Christmas fair. would like to join you in the fair. Nice blog.


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