Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Post 106: Lemon Cheesecake

I'd bought a bag of lemons because they were cheap and I'd wanted to make proper lemonade. But due to the weather cancelling thoughts of autumn BBQ's, I decided a cheesecake would be much more fun. Being a debutante to the world of cheesecakery, I sought advice, which was kindly provided by Anne from Anne's kitchen - her recipe here: 

The whole thing was really easy. Here's my results:

The preparation all together took no more than 20 minutes and would have been less if I'd had a decent grater to get the lemon zest (it kept on blocking up, but after a bit of swearing, I got there in the end).

I misjudged the size of the tin needed (despite instructions) and ended up with enough left over to make another little one. Even the small one is still quite robust.

Anne's recipe said to carefully fold in the beaten eggs, and for once I actually managed to be careful instead of going at it in my normal cack handed style. 

The result was a cheesecake with a light fluffy texture. This was the nicest cheesecake I've had since I had a proper New York cheesecake in New York - but it's much easier for me to make another one than pop back.  


  1. Well impressed with your first foray into cheesecake making - looks great.

  2. So was I! - it was all easier and better than I'd thought it might be. Definitely one to be repeated, and I'm still impressed that it was so easy to ask for and get a recipe just as I wanted; brilliant.



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