Thursday, 24 September 2009

Post 107: Chicken concoction

I wonder if anyone will ever google chicken concoction, and if they do will they be happy to find this. Both appear very unlikely.

Yesterday, when all my troubles seemed so far away, I had a strange array of vegetables left and oddments of frozen meats in the freezer. I wanted a proper english meat and two veg dish and to use up as much stuff as I possibly could. This turned out surprisingly nicely; but then when I started out I did have exceedingly low expectations.

I found two packets of chicken cubes, which like many things recently had been intended for BBQ kebabing. I really dislike any meat without sauce. So for these, I fried off some onions (from my garden again, not the veg box - yay me!). Added  the obligatory garlic and just a little chilli. I then added in a fairly finely sliced yellow courgette from the veg box until it all went mushy and I added half a carton of leftover passata, thyme and basil. This all melded together in a thick but moist enough sauce.

Somehow I didn't really have enough potatoes left for  a side dish for 4. So, along with these, I roasted up some cubed acorn squash. To these I added paprika and cayenne pepper for a patatatatatas-bravas type effect. The Acorn squash I'd cut bigger than the spuds, naturally it shrunk a bit in the oven and went wrinkly - but proved much more popular like this, than when I try to sneak it into a curry. Lastly, all served with some very straight-forward green beans.

Such an unexpected success, that I may try it again in the future.

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