Monday, 21 September 2009

Post 105: Same old chorizo pasta

You know how this one goes, take two onions, dice, fry a bit. Add a bit too much garlic. Much the same with chilli. Add the qurtered chorizo.

And then chop and add whatever veg are to hand. This time around: yellow courgette, two peppers, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. It seems to work ok with pretty much whatever you chuck in there, but I wouldn't like to risk missing the cheery cherry toms.

All this is displaying a lack of imagination, but this was saturday night's T and I was focused on ramming as much pasta down myself as I could - for it was the Great North on sunday.

It did the trick, I got round. I can't say I was great though.


  1. Too much garlic? I don't consider it too much garlic until even my son won't kiss me the next day. ie, never.

    Well done on the run. Its my target to do it next year and just, you know, get round.

  2. Thanks Rosie. Hope you can get in to next year's Great North. It's a really lovely day.


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