Thursday, 17 September 2009

Post 104: Pork stir fry

Continuing this week's excellent progress through the veg box - it's now thursday and I'm only left with a few potatoes and two sweetcorns.
Yesterday's pork stir fry went a little better than my normal efforts. I started by trimming as much of the fat off the pork as I could and cutting it into fairly small strips so it would cook quickly enough. I then marinaded it for three hours (preparation, from me !?), in:
- fish sauce
- thick soy
- salt, pepper and sugar (Rick Stein was always adding sugar as he mooched the far east)
- a scotch bonnet chilli
- a load of garlic
- a little lemongrass paste
Onto the frying, I toasted off some sesame seeds, then added the pork, more garlic, the bag of sugar snap peas, two matchsticked carrots, shredded cabbage, a pepper, a big handful of spring onions and finally the three packets of rice noodles. All this was enough for five very generous helpings.
Total cooking time <10 minutes. Much deliciousness! I'd say it was right up there on a par with any of the noodles you can buy for a fiver roundabout midnight on Charing Cross road. Maybe even better, I didn't even need to be drunk to think it a good idea to eat it.

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