Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Post 103: Growing my own veg box: the end of the Lettuce

I finally pulled the last of the lettuce out of the garden. Summer must be over. Because there will be no more, I thought I'd send the lettuce off like a king. Or maybe I was just at home with enough time and ingredients to make a really good butty. And hungry - but then that's no news.

None of your Pret a Manger, British Rail etc just filling to the edges. This one is rammed to the gunnels all the way across. Starting from the bottom:
- Crusty white bread I baked this very morning
- A scrape of english mustard
- 3 slices serrano ham for a little chew
- A generous cover of ossau iraty cheese
- Some spring onions
- Beef tomatoes with salt and pepper
- Lettuce
- Mayonnaise

Served with a side of cheese and onion crisps, just to super ensure I'm not popular with t he ladies today.

Not bad though, 1 packet of seeds from the BBC and I got over a dozen decent sized lettuces out of it.

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