Monday, 14 September 2009

Post 100: This week's box 12/09

Well, you'd have thought I might have made an effort for my centenial posting - but you'd be wrong. Big excitment coming in post 101 though....

After managing 100% box usage last week, i was due a top up of supplies and here's what arrived:
- Marfona potatoes: At least they don't look as strange as the pink fur's
- Carrots: Nooooooooooooo, I've still a whole carrot cake to go!
- Courgette: always easy to use
- Onions: despite my crop of midget onions these are sure to be used
- Cauliflower: another popular one with me
- Baby spinach: Maybe make chicken saaaag, oooh - nice!
- Cabbage
- Sweetcorn: not had this one before, exciting times. ROCK and ROLL!
- Sugar snap peas

There's absolutely no nastyness in there, I'd be most upset if I end up wasting any of it.

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