Monday, 14 September 2009

Post 101: Roast chicken with roasted fennel

Here he is my, the little beauty. Very happy with the way this chicken came out - crispy skinned but still moist.
And here he is on the plate. Served with roasted adolescent potatoes. I saw adolescent as they were mine from my veg plot and the skins were somewhere between how you'd expect them to be for new and old potatoes. And they were a bit spotty too. Once peeled of their spotty exterior though they roasted up pretty well, with a light fluffy edges.

The rest of the veg was pretty normal: red cabbage and sugar snap peas cooked until still just about crunchy. As ever, a few roasted carrots. Today's novely item though was the fennel. When I washed and trimmed it, the whole house smelled like a pernod factory. I'd watched saturday's, Saturday kitchen and seen that fennel could be roasted, so I just did that. Putting it on a seperate tray just to make sure it didn't flavour the chicken.

Much as the chicken and the rest of the meal was exactly what I wanted, the fennel was a super flavoursome island in my ocean of plain, solid and hearty. Roll on more fennel, I never knew I liked it.

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