Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Post 99: Carrot Cake Frenzy/Creme Fraiche Icing disaster

After promptings by Minky and Rosie, here's my carrot cake ->

As you can tell, I have rather a lot of carrots and hence ended up with rather a lot of cake! Two whole 12" cakes and another dozen little fairy cake sized buns.  I took the recipe from here:'s-Carrot-Cake-recipe.html I left out the nutmeg, on account of I only had a whole one and I'd already put the grater in the dishwasher. I also added a few almonds for texture.

I'd used some particularly dark and sticky sugar; which seemed to have stuck itself back together - hence the dark spot where the sugar lumps disintegrated.

I'm sure I could have made everything look a whole deal nicer, if I hadn't had a bit of a mare with the icing. I had some creme fraiche leftover from last week's sausage, so every-ready-google to the fore I quickly found a recipe for icing to use it. But I hadn't checked how much icing sugar I had left and had to substituted some caster. Icing's clearly the sugar for the job. It came out like slop-dosh and tasted almost only of Creme Fraiche. Not what you want in an icing.

Still the carrot cake's good and moist, so not too bad.

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