Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Post 86: Valentine's fried new potatoes revisited.

Here it is:

I'd only give myself 3/10 for that egg. But as previously, I fried up some bacon (4 rashers of streaky each) until crispy and some garlic (a clove each) - and then added the leftovers. This time around they were the new potatoes, carrots, turnip and swede (there was only a little turnip and swede). I'd still say this is a cheap, easy and nice meal. It's all a learning process though, and here's what I learned:
- Carrots should be either cooked longer or chopped small.
- It's better with cabbage included (but I didn't have any left over when cooking this)
- It's much better with a fried egg on top; even a poorly done one.


  1. I was having a pretty depressing start to the day. Then I read this and realised that life isnt all that bad after all.

    Thankyou VBB.

  2. Err, thanks I think - it tasted grand honest! The egg was pretty poor though.

  3. Lol, what to make of that comment. I think you're quite brave to post pictures when an aspect looks so unpretty!
    Green curry paste is easy btw!


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