Monday, 24 August 2009

Post 85: And the even older ones.....

In a sign of my weakening with a cold, I commited a double-blogger sin:
1) I put no thought what so ever into what I was having for T
2) I didn't even take a photo.

Whatever, as I believe the youth of today like to say.

Last night I had: Roast chicken, roasted new potatoes, turnip, swede and carrot. Alongside a few boiled carrots (my home grown carrots were so small, I thought they'd instantly frazzle if I tried to roast them), french beans and cabbage. If I'd have been to the doctor's it would have been just what he'd have ordered.

On the upside, progress through this week's veg box is good. I roasted enough new spuds to go for the Valentine Warner style fried new potato dish tonight; for maximum effect I shall be including the fried eggage.

If I feel a bit better, I may have a go for the Guardian's blue cheese and chard tart recipe from this weekend as I have both. I also have a acorn-squash again; and I have little more idea over what to do with it this time than last.

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