Sunday, 23 August 2009

Post 84: (My) old ones are the best

Or at least they are my favourites - chilli prawn tagliatelli. This version was much the same as all my previous efforts:

Two smallish onions chopped small and cooked fairly slow. I then added the garlic and chilli. And then onto the vegetables in this case: Brocoli, courgette and pepper. When this all looked cooked and it was time to put the pasta on. Once the pasta goes on, add some halved cherry toms, the prawns and some fresh picked basil from my mini herb garden.

It would probably be best to not stir too much at this stage, as stirring always ends up collapsing the little tomatoes. But this is good in a way as it leaves some nice chilli-garlicky-tomatoe juices at the bottom of the pan.

Serve with lashings and lashings of parmesan.

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