Saturday, 22 August 2009

Post 83: Harvest time

I was concerned about my potatos, the leaves were starting to be eaten by somethin, and I'd read that left in damp ground they could go rotten. So, looking at this it seemed a good time to harvest:

Unfortunately, I knew that the carrots could do with a little while yet before I harvested them as a scrape away of the soil showed only little baby carrots. Whilst they are ok for fine dining, I wanted as much carrotage as I could for my efforts. But these had to come up, and this is what I got:

The potatoes had certainly benefited from the extra time I'd left them in over the ones in bed no:1 - I got about the same amount from this half bed that I did from the whole of bed no:1. The carrots though, were as expected - small.

Many of the carrot were so small that they were baby sized even amongst baby carrots. Just small to be eaten at all. More in hope than expectation, I quickly replanted some of these into the space where the potatoes have been. Currrently, this looks like the Roly-Poly's had been playing in my veg box - but I've watered them and maybe, just maybe they'll take. Seemed little harm done from trying in any case.

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